Become a KAST Member and Join our Kootenay Tech Community!

Being a part of our Kootenay tech community is SUPER rewarding in itself. It means you’re involved on the frontlines of building up our local communities through tech and innovation. It means collaboration, growth and new ideas. It means working together to create jobs and stimulate our economy. It means a whole lot of fun, new connections and support.

And the cherry on top of this delicious tech sundae is getting some serious perks at our Nelson Innovation Centre. A KAST membership gives you access to super cool events, discounts on programming, renting our state-of-the-art boardroom and event space PLUS unlimited access to a creative hub like no other.

A KAST membership will not only give you some serious Kootenay tech street cred and some feel-good-feelings about being a part of something bigger, it will help you grow your network, give you the valuable resources you need to thrive and connect you with like-minded peeps. 

We’re all in this together