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Climate Energy Lab

Promoting Climate Innovation in the Local Building Sector

Buildings and their construction have a big impact on our natural environment. That’s why the City of Nelson is working to scale up the long-standing Regional Energy Efficiency Program. This program supports residents to navigate the options for home energy efficiency and is working toward helping homeowners and builders to choose low-carbon materials for new homes and energy upgrades.

While operational carbon refers to the greenhouse gas emissions emitted through building energy use such as heating and cooling, embodied carbon refers to the emissions produced through the manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance, and disposal of building materials.

To support an increasingly ambitious and innovative building community, the City launched the Low Carbon Homes Pilot in 2021 which examined the embodied carbon of newly-built homes in Nelson and Castlegar. This research showed tremendous opportunities to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions by choosing materials with lower embodied carbon.

The City of Nelson will make use of the Nelson Innovation Center to work on climate initiatives, showcase climate solutions through clean technology and work with the community as we strive to meet our climate goals. Next month, an Embodied Carbon Advisory Group, made up of local architects, energy advisors, engineers, builders, and retailers will use this space to explore how the recent research and materials guide can best be used to reduce emissions and promote climate-resilient buildings in ways that are quick, cost-effective, and equitable.

We invite you to take part in the City of Nelson’s many Climate Programs, including FireSmart, Regional Energy Efficiency Program, e-bike financing program, and upcoming pre-treated organics diversion program.

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