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A Thriving Digital Economy Woven Through Backroads and Creative Spirits

The stunning beauty of Nelson, a city of approximately 10,000 residents in the southeast corner of British Columbia, is usually what draws people here. But it’s the feeling we get from this isolated and eclectic city and its surrounding communities, backroads,  glacier-fed lakes, and its unique and innovative people that motivates us to stay.

Most Nelson and area locals speak of discovering “home” for the first time upon arriving in this eclectic area, huddled in the Selkirk Mountains along the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. The digital economy has found a home here too and it’s on the rise. 

From Nelson to Kaslo, Salmo to the Slocan Valley and Castlegar to Rossland, established tech companies, startups, entrepreneurs and digital nomads are building on a momentum that has been growing for years. They’re accessing a global market from this beautiful place, strengthening our local economies and creating vibrant healthy communities. 

Halfway between Vancouver and Calgary, people are building lives in the Nelson area in a way that is just not possible in a big city, surrounded by concrete and the constant hum of rush hour traffic. 

People are choosing to build startups where they can live comfortably and afford to raise a family. They’re choosing a place where they can work remotely and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle with endless outdoor adventure opportunities. They’re choosing a place where coworking spaces and fabrication labs are on the rise. They’re choosing to invest dollars in a region ripe with potential and innovation. 

The Nelson area innovation scene is a beautiful union of technology, heritage and natural beauty, a place where gratitude for where we’ve come from and excitement for how far we can go make for a fulfilling lifestyle. 

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